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With so many active users, over a billion, on any given day WhatsApp has to be one of the most popular of all the messaging apps. It isn’t just a social media app; WhatsApp is used to conduct business as well, across the entire globe but, although it has plenty going for it, it isn’t the app that it could be. In fact, the developers have left out so many basic features that WhatsApp++ has been released to fill the gap.

Image : WhatsApp++ Download Tutorial

WhatsApp++ is a modified app filled with useful extra feature and you can find out how to download it after we tell you about those features:

  • You don’t need to jailbreak to enjoy WhatsApp++
  • You can disable delivery receipts 
  • You can hide your online status
  • You can hide your Last Seen status
  • Send DRM free music and send as much media as you want in one message
  • Use a full picture for your profile instead of a cropped one
  • Record audio with one tap 
  • Choose new colors and customize your text
  • Access WhatsApp++ using Passcode and Touch ID 

How to Download WhatsApp++ :

The only way to install WhatsApp++ on your iPhone or iPad is to download an app installer called TweakBox first. Neither of these apps can be downloaded via the iOS app store so read on to find out how to do it:

  1. Download TweakBox, click on the linked article for a full detailed guide 
  2. Now open TweakBox on your iOS device
  3. Use the search facility to find WhatsApp++ [ext link]  
  4. Download the app by clicking on the result and wait for WhatsApp++ to be installed
  5. Now you can enjoy using all the great new features 

WhatsApp++ Errors Fix :

WhatsApp++ is very easy to use and, for most people, it is free of any problems. However, if this is your first time using WhatsApp++ don’t be surprised if you find that it won’t work for you. Before you try to open the app or to fix the error if you already have, follow these steps:

  1. On your iOS device, open Settings
  2. Tap on General > Profile and Device Management 
  3. Locate the WhatsApp++ profile and tap it
  4. Now tap Trust and then come out of settings
  5. Try WhatsApp++ again and it will now work perfectly

Let us know if you decide to try WhatsApp++ and whether you think the extra features are worth it. Follow us on Facebook for more updates and news .

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  1. I using 2days whatsapp ++… After 2dys showing error.plzz veify the application and etc. I m going setting general profile & device managmnt and enterprise app and verify this but is note verified.

  2. why i cant download twearkbox in my iphone 8+? i doesn’t working at all, the web just show installing tweakbox… but nothing happen after that,

  3. I have tried this before. But every 7 days it gets blocked. So without jailbreak do you have any permanent solution?

  4. Anyone know of another app that can allow me have 2 whatsapps with different phonenumbers???

    This has screwed me up bigtime!!!

    Please help!!!!!

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