Unc0ver app has been released, and it’s easier than ever to download onto your device.uncover unc0ver

And it’s free

What’s the story?

Unc0ver app Features:

It app works on iOS 11 or above, and it offers plenty of features:

  • Stable, reliable and safe
  • Doesn’t drain your battery
  • Faster patches
  • Doesn’t freeze randomly
  • App revoke blocker built-in
  • Auto-updates can be disabled
  • Supports latest devices
  • Remount RootFS
  • Lots more

Sound good?

We’re not done yet

How to Download Unc0ver:

You can download Uncover directly from the GitHub repository of the developer linked below.

Download Unc0ver App

It’s that easy

Because Unc0ver is semi-untethered, you will need to reactivate it whenever you reboot your iOS device

It’s a reliable app and much safer than previous apps that installed Cydia. It was released to replace Electra app for those who can’t use it so go ahead and download it today.

It may be the only option you have to install Cydia for a while.

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