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Are you a music lover ? No doubt you have heard of Spotify and like millions of others may even have signed up for a subscription so you can listen to what you want when you want. Spotify is the most popular streaming service for music ever and when you take out a subscription, you can listen to unlimited tracks without having to download the tracks first. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the $9.99 subscription cost every month and are finding themselves limited in what they can use Spotify for.

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Luckily, there is no longer any need to fork over that kind of cash every month. Spotify++ is a brand new app, a modified version of the official Spotify app that gives you most of the premium features that Spotify offers without the premium price tag. Packed with features, Spotify++ is free to download and use and we will be showing you how to do it.

Spotify++ Features :

  • No need to jailbreak
  • No ads popping up all the time 
  • Unlimited track skipping
  • Unlimited scrubbing
  • Best sound streaming of any app

How to Install Spotify++ :

You can’t get Spotify++ from the iOS app store because Apple won’t allow apps of this nature. Instead, you will need to use Cydia Impactor and for that, you need your Apple ID. If you don’t want to use your regular ID, set up a second account for use with Cydia Impactor:

  1. Ensure iTunes is up to date on your computer 
  2. Connect your device to your computer and shut iTunes if it opens automatically
  3. Download the .ipa for Spotify++ [ File ]
  4. Download Cydia Impactor [ ext link ]
  5. Launch Cydia Impactor 
  6. Unzip the .ipa and extract the file , drag it and drop it into the open Cydia Impactor window
  7. Input your Apple ID and password and wait for Cydia Impactor to sign the file 
  8. Now open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management 
  9. Locate the app profile and tap on it
  10. Tap Trust and then close Settings
  11. Spotify++ is now ready for use on your iPhone or iPad. 

If you are using a free Apple ID, the certificate for Spotify++ will expire every 7 days. You will need to follow from step 5 every time it does otherwise you will not be able to use the app. Those with a paid developer account ID will be able to use it for 1 year before it expires.

What do you think of Spotify++ ? Are you going to use it ? For more up to date information, follow us on Facebook.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s just me but the Spotify isn’t downloading on my phone but the tweak box is verified. Not a complaint but will this be fixed in a later update <3 thank you

    1. Ikr!! I’m so mad. I’ve been using Spotify++ for like 3 months now and I deleted it and my phone updated to iOS 11 and now Spotify++ won’t download. All it says is “unable to download” and I tried downloading it like 4 times and it still said the same thing. I hope they can fix that.😭😭

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