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There’s no arguing that Spotify is the top-rated music streaming app. With over 200 million current active users, it is certainly popular, and almost 50% of those users pay out for the premium version every month. With a good-sized music library and plenty of features, there is still one question that needs to be answered – do you stay with the free version or do you go premium?


Let’s find out


Spotify offers some cool  features that make it popular:

  • Over 35 million tracks on offer
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Works on all major platforms
  • Cool social networking tools
  • Offline mode
  • Choice of plans
  • Free Premium trial
  • User-friendly app

But that’s not all


It also has its downsides too:

  • Unlimited streaming is limited to 6 months on the free plan
  • The free plan is ad-supported
  • DRM-free music cannot be directly purchased in the US app
  • The radio facility is only in the European app
  • The premium trial in the US is by invite only

Wait, there’s more

Free Version Benefits:

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There’s no doubt that the free Spotify offers plenty of benefits; millions of tracks to stream, no monthly subscription to pay and more. There are ads, yes, but they don’t get in the way too much and, although you do get unlimited streaming, that is limited to 6 months before dropping down to just 10 hours every month. And you will not be able to play any track more than five times.

We’re not done yet

Premium Subscription Benefits:

The first benefit is the ads – they’re gone. You also get offline mode, so you don’t need to worry about having an internet connection. And, if you want to relax at home with a few of your favorite tunes, the premium plan allows you access via any home stereo system compatible with Spotify. With a much better rate of streaming and access to some exclusive content, for just $10 a month, the premium plan certainly offers value for money.

And last

Spotify for Students Benefits:

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Provided you are a student enrolled at an accredited university or college, you can enjoy a discount of 50% off the premium price plan. So, for just $5 per month you get everything the premium plan offers but there is more – you also get a free subscription to both Showtime and Hulu, a savings of an additional $19 per month.

How cool is that!

Is it Worth It?

That depends on you. If you are content with ads and limits on streaming, if you are just an occasional listener, then the free plan is probably your best bet. If you listen to music all the time, want more control over what you listen to and when go premium. Even without the faster rate of streaming and the extra content, it’s worth it anyway.

Spotify Plus is a much better bet than the free version simply because of all it offers. For just $10 a month, is it worth missing out? Follow us on Facebook and tell us what you think.

69 thoughts on “Spotify Plus – Premium and Free Version Download”

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me but the Spotify isn’t downloading on my phone but the tweak box is verified. Not a complaint but will this be fixed in a later update <3 thank you

  2. I have iOS 11.2.6 and it works but I still see ads. There’s an ad banner at the bottom of the app and sometimes other ads pops out.

  3. the app said i could open it so i redownloaded everything and nothing works, i dont know if its my phone but ?

  4. When i try to download it says “Unable to download App” “(spotify++) TWEAKBOX could not be download at this time” , what should i do ?

  5. My spotify++ is blocked (what is the cause of that?) and when i had it i couldn’t download the songs and listen to them offline. Please fix this. Thankss

  6. Ok it keeps saying unable to download I love this app but now it’s doing this never had problem before now can you guys help I don’t have a computer so I can’t do it that way

  7. I can’t download songs to listen to them offline. Will this be fixed and do you know when by? Thanks. Other than that, the app is great.

  8. The Spotify++ app will not download to my phone. It always gets to about 3/4 or the way done and says unable to download. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  9. Hi -- Great work -- is there anyway to make it work with Alexa (echoDot if it matters) i can connect to the service but its says my service is not able to connect.

  10. For all the people not being able to download. If you have the real Spotify app on your phone delete it first or your phone will think it’s making a mistake and downloading it again. Then it sill download!

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