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TweakBox is the latest way to get Cydia tweaks onto your iOS device without needing to install a jailbreak first. This is useful considering the lack of jailbreak utilities right now and it is also great for those who just don’t want to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. TweakBox [ about ] is full of great features like Cydia, such as the ability to download premium apps and games , download third-party apps and modified games, amongst other things. And, because you don’t need to jailbreak, you can use TweakBox without fear of your warranty being voided.

Image : TweakBox Profile Installation Failed Error Fix

How to Install TweakBox :

You cannot get TweakBox from the iOS app store because Apple won’t allow it. However, there are two separate methods for you to choose from to install TweakBox on your iOS device and you can find all the steps and download links in the linked article [ Download TweakBox ]. Follow the steps carefully and you can start modifying your device without fear of retribution from Apple and without needing to install that jailbreak.

Fixing TweakBox Profile Installation Failed Error :

To date, most users have found that using TweakBox has been free of trouble but there is one problem that you might come up against , a Profile Installation Failed error. Most likely the reason for this is because the server is overloaded because of too much traffic. Perhaps the best way to deal with this is to leave it a while and then try again; if the traffic has slowed, you should be able to complete the installation without any trouble. If you still get the error, the next thing to do is clear your cache and your browser history. Here’s how.

  1. Place your iPhone or iPad into Airplane Mode 
  2. Open Settings > Safari 
  3. Tap Clear History and Website Data 
  4. Tap Clear History and Data 
  5. Take your device out of Airplane Mode, wait a few moments and then try the installation steps for TweakBox again

This should enable you to install TweakBox successfully so that you can start to download your favorite tweaks and apps, things that you can’t usually get unless you jailbreak. Please be aware, TweakBox is not a jailbreak and the features you get with it are not as in-depth as those that you get with Cydia. It is, however, a great and easy to use alternative for anyone to use.

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7 thoughts on “Profile Installation Failed”

  1. Descargo la aplicación last day on earth o cualquiera y se empieza a descargar ya cuando va a finalizar me dise que por el momento no se puede descargar la aplicacion por favor ayudenme me gusta mucho esta tienda y no puedo descargar ninguna aplicación todas me dicen lo mismo álbum querer descargarlas ayuda

  2. I am unable to install using either method. The first method with the shortcut just takes time to the webpage.

    The second method fails at the first screen an simple says install success but nothing was selected or installed.

      • Same thing is happening to me.
        Iphone 8 plus
        iOS 11.2.6

        Same thing happens with:
        IPA Library
        Anti Revoke

        Tutuapp says “unable to download at this time”

  3. I deleted my cache and browser history but I’m still getting the “Profile Installation Failed” error. I’m using an iPhone 7 and I just recently did the latest update so I should have current iOS.

  4. I still can’t download this app, what happen so many times i try but unsuccessful they said Unable download app, What is this……

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