Pokemon Go

Are you looking for a cool, interactive game to play? Then have a look at Pokémon Go, one of the most popular games ever released.pokemon go

Good news

It’s free

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a game you can play anywhere. No more are you limited to your own home to play; now you can find your Pokémon anywhere you go – in your backyard, the park, the grocery store, anywhere. The game uses the GPS sensor on your device together with augmented reality to let you hunt Pokémon anywhere and the app gives you a whole heap of features too.

Let’s dive in

App Features:

Pokémon Go is packed with cool features:

  • Hunt your Pokémon from anywhere
  • Train your Pokémon for battle
  • Take part in Raids with other trainers
  • The more you catch, the better your PokeDex
  • Take Buddy Pokémon with you to earn more rewards
  • Gym battles
  • Use Team GO Rocket Grunts to rescue Pokémon and restore Pokestops

How cool is that

How to Download Pokémon Go:

You can only get it from the app store so tap the link below and download it on your device today:

Download on iPhone

Give it a go

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