If you are looking for a movie app that offers thousands of movies and TV shows for your iPhone or iPad, look no further than MovieBox. With all the latest movies and show, full HD movies and more, it’s the best app of its kind.


It’s better than that!

Not only do you get a choice of direct streaming or downloading for watching offline, but it’s also completely free.

Want to know more?

How to Download:

Downloading is simple, and there are a couple of methods to choose from:

Method 1: TweakBox

Download TweakBox

The first method uses an external installer called TweakBox, offering thousands of apps and games.

  1. Download TweakBox to your device
  2. Open it by tapping the icon on your home page
  3. Search for the app or tap one of the direct download buttons above
  4. Choose the result that goes with your iOS version and device and tap Download
  5. Tap Install and wait
  6. When the installation is done, open iOS Settings
  7. Tap General>Profiles and trust the World of enterprise profile
  8. Close settings and now you can enjoy all the movies you want

Method 2: AppValley

appvalley app

Another external installer, AppValley offers loads of apps, games and games emulators:

Download AppValley

  1. Go to the AppValley download the app
  2. Tap the download link on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Tap Install an wait for the process to finish
  4. Tap the MovieBox icon on your homepage and enjoy all your favorite movies and shows.

Method 3: IPA File

  1. Tap the button above to download the IPA file to your computer.
  2. Download the Cydia Impactor to your computer
  3. Click the link below for a full guide on installing the file to your device
  4. Download MovieBox IPA

Method 4: APK – Android

This also works on Android devices:

  1. Tap the download button above to downed the APK to your device
  2. Open Settings > Security and ensure Unknown Sources is enabled
  3. Now install the APK onto your Android device

Is MovieBox Illegal?

In technical terms, yes, because the developers have not gotten permission to stream the movies or shows and they also don’t have the permission to stream material that is copyrighted. You use the ap entirely at your own risk

Stop App Crashing :

This is a fantastic app but it will crash, and you can fix this by using one of our recommended VPNs. It crashes because Apple revokes the certificate and a VPN prevents this from happening.

MovieBox offers a fantastic selection of movies and shows. It has one major benefit over other apps – the choice between streaming or downloading, which is great for those with little space left on their devices. Try it today and see how you get on; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For more news and tips like this, you can follow us on Facebook.

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  1. I don’t get an option to download moviebox after I complete the steps to download TweakBox to my iOS home scream… did I miss something? Please help

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