Are you a fan of one of the greatest games ever released ? Minecraft is hands down one of the best, somewhat surprising when you consider the simplicity of the graphics compared to some of the more recent games released. But Minecraft is a simple game of survival with simple graphics and a whole heap of fun. At one time it was a desktop only game but now Minecraft PE has been made available for iOS; the only thing is, it isn’t free to download.  I’m going to let you into a secret – you can download Minecraft for free!

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This is crazy!

One simple method will give you all these great features without it costing you a single dime.

Minecraft PE Features :

Minecraft PE is full of features:

  • Simple graphics
  • Build your homestead and make it safe from attack
  • Explore your surroundings, including lakes, caves, and mines and gather resources
  • Hunt for food and resources
  • Grow crops and raise animals for food
  • Fight off many different monsters
  • Play against other people or play alone
  • Many more features

How to Download Minecraft PE :

There is only one way to download Minecraft PE for free;  you need a third-party store called TweakBox, one of the most comprehensive Cydia alternatives with plenty of free apps and games. Download it and search for Minecraft PE:

It’s that simple.

You may find that the app throws up an untrusted developer error the first time you use it; the fix is simple:

  1. Open Profiles in your Settings App ( under General )
  2. Tap the Minecraft PE profile and tap on Trust
  3. Close Settings and try Minecraft PE again; it will work without error.

TweakBox app installer is well worth looking at, offering users a huge choice of free apps and games. Try the unlocked version of Minecraft PE and drop us a comment below as to how you get on with it; follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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