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With the distinct lack of jailbreaks these days, we have had to look for another way to get some of our favorite tweaks and apps onto our devices. We have found the answer in TweakBox and Emus4U App, an app installer that is feature rich, with the option to download paid apps and games , get modified versions of your favorite games and download modified versions of your favorite apps, to name just a few. It also supports iOS 9 and there are two ways to get it on your device.

Image : TweakBox iOS 9 Download Tutorial

How to Download TweakBox iOS 9 :

Here are both the download methods for TweakBox explained. We have provided detailed step by step guide along with images and video instructions for your help.

  • Open Safari on your iOS device and go to  tweakbox_store
  • On the web page that comes up tap on the UP arrow [ top right on the iPad and bottom of the screen on the iPhone ]   tweakbox_store
  • From the new choices along the bottom of the screen go for Add to Home Screen   
  • Now type TweakBox in the box to name your app icon and tap on Add  
  • Go back to your Home screen and the TweakBox app icon will be on there. Watch the video below to see how these steps are done. Then follow the next steps 


After you Have the TweakBox App :

  1. Launch the TweakBox app . Find the Download page and select your iOS version. Click on the ( Link ) to get the configuration file
  2. A page will load showing you some TweakBox information , read it and then tap on the link that says Install directly to your iOS device. This will load the configuration profile onto your device 
  3. When your settings app opens, tap on Install 
  4. Type your passcode in if needed 
  5. Safari will open, tap on Install TweakBox
  6. A confirmation window will show up, tap on Install
  7. Settings will open again, so tap on Install Profile   
  8. Tap on Next and then Install  
  9. On the final screen, tap on Install and then Done to complete the installation

When you go back to your home screen, you will see the TweakBox app; just tap on it to start looking for your tweaks and apps to download.

Method 2: Android Only

Android owners may have a more open and unrestricted platform than iOS users do but there are still some things they simply can’t do. For a start, they cannot download any Cydia only jailbreak tweaks because Android is not a jailbreakable platform. They also can’t download modified apps or get paid content for free but with TweakBox, they can. The steps to download it are a little bit complex but should only take you a few minutes so, to find out how you can download TweakBox Android, read the linked post.

Popular TweakBox Apps :

TweakBox has so many apps and tweaks in it, its difficult to choose which ones are the best but there are some that are downloaded more than others. Two of those are Spotify++ and AirShou:

  • Spotify++

Spotify++ is a modified version of the official Spotify app. Most people have heard of the most popular music streaming app ever released and there will be many who use the limited free version. To get the premium features, you must pay $9.99 every month and for some people that is out of reach. However, Spotify++ gives you all those premium features for free so click the linked post to find out how you can download Spotify++ today.

  • AirShou

air_shou icon small

The second most downloaded app is AirShou, a screen recorder that has always been popular with jailbreakers. For a while, AirShou disappeared from Cydia but the developer has been working on an update that means AirShou no longer needs a jailbreak to work and is now packed with even more features from before.  It has full support for iOS 9 and you can get more information on how to download AirShou [ext link] at the given link.

TweakBox Errors :

  • Certificate Error : Most people will find TweakBox easy and trouble-free to use but there are two errors that you might find yourself up against. First, if an app that you installed won’t run, you need to fix a certificate issues. To do this, open Settings > General > Profile and look for the certificate for the app; tap on Trust and the app will work. 
  • The second error is a Profile Installation Failed error and you can find full instructions on how to fix this in the linked article.
  • Crashing Error Fix : One problem that everyone will find if they download any of these is that their apps will crash 7 days after installation. The reason for this is simple , Apple doesn’t sign the certificates and doesn’t allow them into the iOS app store and, as a result, they do not consider them as valid apps. Because of that, they will regularly revoke the certificates and, not only will you lose the app installer, you will lose all the apps you downloaded with it as well. The only way to put a stop to this is to download Anti Revoke [ext link], a VPN tool that protects your app certificates from being revoked. Find out how this works and how to download Anti Revoke at the given link.

TweakBox Alternative Apps :

TweakBox may be one of the more feature-rich app installers to be released, it certainly isn’t the only one. If you don’t find what you want in TweakBox, have a look at these two alternatives:

  • AppValley

AppValley is another instar that is rich in content. Not only are there the popular Cydia tweaks, there is also the paid and premium content for free and several modified apps and games, including Pokémon Go++ and Snapchat++. It has full support for any iOS device on iOS 9 and the fact that it doesn’t need a jailbreak means it is available to many more people. If you want to give it a try, click the given link for more details on how to download AppValley [ext link].

  • Emus4U

emus4u app logo small

Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why many people chose to jailbreak was to download from a series of games emulators. These gave us the opportunity to play some of our favorite console games on our devices, from consoles like the PS1 and Nintendo. Now, with Emus4U [ext link], some of those emulators are available outside of Cydia so click on the linked post to find out how you can download Emus4U

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  2. I’m doing the first and second method, neither of them work, the second method only says “installation successful” but it isn’t.(I’m on an IPad mini 1) please answer this ASAP!!

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