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For users on iOS 7, there is no longer a working jailbreak available for use and that means not being able to go to Cydia and download tweaks and apps that let you modify your device. It also means that you can no longer download your favorite aid and premium apps and games , nor can you download anything that isn’t in the iOS app store. TweakBox and Emus4U app gives you all of that and more without the need for jailbreaking on iOS 7 so check out the steps below to get TweakBox [ about ] onto your iOS device.

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Download TweakBox on iOS 7

There are two methods of downloading TweakBox on your iOS 7 device. Both these methods are explained below.

  1. Open Safari browser 
  2. Go to
  3. Find the UP arrow and tap on it  tweakbox_store
  4. Choose the option for Add to Home Screen 
  5. Type TweakBox when you are asked to give your app a name. Tap on Add and close Safari 
  6. The new TweakBox app icon will be on one of your home screens . Watch the video below to see how these steps are done. Then follow the next steps 


After you Have the TweakBox App

  1. Launch the TweakBox app . Find the Download page and select your iOS version. Tap this ( link ) and wait for an information page to load up , this will tell you all about TweakBox
  2. Tap the link to directly Install to iOS Device to load the configuration profile 
  3. Tap Install on the Profile Installation page in your settings app , this will open automatically
  4. Type your passcode in if needed and Safari will open again 
  5. Tap Install TweakBox and then Install on the confirmation page 
  6. Tap on Install and then on Done to complete the process

Tap on the TweakBox icon on your home screen to get started. All the information you need to download apps and tweaks can be found directly in the TweakBox app installer.

Errors in TweakBox :

Most people have found their TweakBox experience to be smooth and trouble free but a few users have reported coming up against a couple of errors. Luckily, they are very easy to fix.

  1. The first one you are likely to face is a downloaded app not running. To fix this, go to Settings > General > Profile and tap on Trust next to the app certificate. 
  2. The second one is a Profile Installation Failed error , the linked article contains the steps to follow to fix it.

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