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The iOS 11 download is now available for all to install and you can find all the details you need at the given link. Although Yalu Jailbreak has been updated to support iOS 11, it isn’t available for everyone to use and that has left a large percentage of the jailbreak community without access to Cydia and without access to their favorite tweaks and paid content.  The good news is, TweakBox App and Emus4U app has stepped in to save the day. It requires no jailbreak, works on iOS 11 and gives us access to some tweaks and paid content for free. Here’s how to install it.

Image : TweakBox iOS 11

Install TweakBox iOS 11 :

Follow the steps below to download TweakBox App on your iPhone and iPad.

  1. Launch Safari browser 
  2. Go to or use this ( alternate link )
  1. tweakbox_store
  2. Tap the UP arrow on the webpage that loads [ top or bottom of the screen as shown here ]  tweakbox_store
  3. Choose and tap on Add to Home Screen from the new options on your screen 
  4. Now type TweakBox into the box to name the app icon. Tap Add and then close Safari 
  5. The TweakBox app icon will be on your home screen . Watch the video below to see how these steps are done. Then follow the next steps 


After you Have the TweakBox App

  1. Launch the TweakBox app . Find the Download page and select your iOS version. Click on the ( Link ) to get the configuration file
  2. An information page will load about TweakBox; read it and then tap the link for installing direct to your iOS device , this will ensure the configuration profile gets installed on your device
  3. Now your Settings app will open automatically; tap Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in if needed and Safari will open up
  5. Click the link for Install TweakBox and then on Install on the confirmation window
  6. Settings opens again, tap Install  
  7. Now tap on Next and then Install  
  8. Finally, tap Install and then Done  

Wait for the installation to complete and then TweakBox will be ready to use .

Method 2: For Android Devices Only

iOS users aren’t the only ones who can use TweakBox; Android users can as well. Android is a much more open platform than iOS but there are still lots of features missing including the ability to download as much paid content for free as you want and that’s where TweakBox benefits the Android users. The steps to download TweakBox are not as straightforward as downloading an app from the app store because you need to download the TweakBox APK file first before you can install it on your device. We’ve drawn up a guide for you to follow:

Popular TweakBox App :

TweakBox is packed with features so it’s difficult to know where to start but two of the most popular apps from the installer are CoolPixel and AirShou:

  • CoolPixel

coolpixel 120px icon

CoolPixel is a screen recorder with a difference; it is also a full editing package for videos. Not only can you record anything on your screen, such as a how-to video, in 1080p at 60fps you can also import HD Videos and edit them on the screen. With a choice of rich filters offering movie-like features and instant on-screen editing with a swipe of the finger, CoolPixel is one of the top multi-purpose screen recorders available today. Find out how you can download CoolPixel [ext link] by clicking the linked post

  • AirShou

air_shou icon small

AirShou always used to be the most popular screen recorder and was one of the reasons why many people installed Cydia. No longer available in Cydia AirShou [ext link] has been revamped to work without a jailbreak and now includes more features than ever before. It supports all iOS devices on iOS 11 and you can find out how to download AirShou by checking out the linked post.

TweakBox Not Working Fix :

Downloading TweakBox for your apps and tweaks is a good move and so is downloading Anti Revoke [ext link] . The tool will work in the background of your device, blocking Apple from revoking your app certificates. This stops them crashing and lets you use them with any interruption.

Fixing TweakBox Errors :

Most users find their TweakBox experience relatively pain free but there are two common errors that keep cropping up, both easy to resolve:

  1. Profile Installation Failed – Click the linked article for information on how to fix this error
  2. An installed app doesn’t open or won’t run, go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Now find the relevant app certificate and tap the Trust button that is beside it. Try again and the app should be fine 

TweakBox Alternative Apps :

If TweakBox doesn’t offer the apps that you want, then don’t despair because there are others that might just be what you are looking for. Two alternatives that you can try are AppValley and Emus4U:

  • AppValley :

AppValley is packed to the rafters with features, much like TweakBox but with some different modified apps like Snapchat++  and Spotify++, along with a handful of Cydia tweaks and lots of paid content for free. Its dead simple to download and use so check the given link to find out how you can download AppValley [ext link] on your iPhone or iPad today.

  • Emus4U :

emus4u app logo small

Emus4U is the installer you want if you are missing your favorite games emulators from Cydia. Games emulators allow us to easily play our favorite console games, like those for the Gameboy, Nintendo and PS1, among others, directly on our iOS devices. Emus4U has several of these emulators, along with the usual Cydia tweaks and paid apps for free so check out the linked post to see how you can download Emus4U [ext link] today.

Let us know if you have any trouble with TweakBox or what you think of it and for all the latest updates, follow us on Facebook .

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  1. I’m on iOS 11 . Working on my iPhone 8 , but on iPad it won’t let me download tweakbox. Can you help me pls?

  2. ios 11 beta
    tweakbox kodi

    i’m trying to add a repo source to the files. where you enter the source address ( where it says ) i click on it and nothing happens. also doesn’t allow me to to type anywhere.

    for some reason it doesn’t come up with the keyboard or text screen

    any help would be good

  3. Hi please help me I can’t download tweakbox I mean I can download but it’s not showing me any apps please fix it help me please and it says unable to download at this time and I also updated my software, and I can’t download tutuhelper too… please fix it fast…

  4. ios 11 beta
    tweakbox kodi

    i’m trying to add a repo source to the files. where you enter the source address ( where it says ) i click on it and nothing happens. also doesn’t allow me to to type anywhere.

    for some reason it doesn’t come up with the keyboard or text screen

  5. Hy I’ve used almost 4hig out of 6gig I get to download stuff and now it’s comes up with untrusted developer which I have previously trusted so I deleted them all and tried to Re download them and now it won’t let me

  6. I’m trying to download the hacked clash of clans on iOS 11 beta from TweakBox but it says ‘the app could not be downloaded at this time’ I have TutuApp. Pls help 🙏🏻

  7. I have tried downloading the coc hack but it says that the game needs to be updated by the producers. So when I realized I had to do something with settings but it wouldn’t show up. I don’t know what to do. I need help!

  8. Hey teakbox, I have been a big fan Of this app for a while, but ever since I got iOS 11
    These HACKED apps haven’t been working, I’m wondering why, when I tap on a hacked app I want to get, for example, clash of clans, it won’t download, it’s says “This app needs to be updated by the developer to work on this version of iOS”
    Please give me a reason why it says that and please tell me how to get the hacked game without it saying that.

  9. I’m trying to download the hacked LDOE on iOS 11 beta from TweakBox but it says ‘the app could not be downloaded at this time’ . Pls help 🙏🏻

  10. Hi i have successfully downloaded tweakbox and when i download an app from tweakbox it gets downloaded and when i am about to open it it says “this app needs to be updated by the developer to work on this version of IOS”. I am running ios 11.0.1 and my tweakbox is 11. How can i fix this issue ?

  11. I downloaded tweakbox iOS 11 on my iPad mini 4 , but the app opens in a white scree. I repeated the procedure 3 times but issue remains.
    Can you help me please? Thank you

  12. Hi I can download the app fine and did all the steps but when I go to use the app it just shows a blank white screen. Can anyone help!? I’m on iOS 11 so that might be why

  13. Most games whenever i try to download them say ‘unable to download at the time’ and then it says developer needs to update app. What’s happening?

  14. Followed instructions to install on home screen on iOS 11.2 and when I click on icon al it does is bring me back to this page again. Am I doing something wrong ere

    • same thing happened to me on the same device. Also when I click the it tells me installation success? is it suppose to down load an app? nothing is happening and I would like the godfather a family dynasty on there 🙂

    • Hey man could you post a comment saying “Spotify++ isn’t working as it won’t download songs or albums and it isn’t just one person it’s multiple people” and please ask them to fix it sorry I’m asking you to do this it’s not putting my post up for whatever reason thanks

  15. Hey devs just wanted to address that Spotify++ won’t download songs or albums anymore meaning I can’t listen offline but it isn’t just me I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded it but it’s happening to two of my friends please can you fix it if possible thanks for taking the time to read.

  16. When I try to download a app from the hacked apps or the tweak app or the AppStore apps I dose not work when I click the install app and it been happening for a long time I need help plz team TweakBox help me

  17. The “profile” thing isn’t appearing in my general settings. I tried the more manual download, but it just takes me to an image page. Also, Apple just released 11.2.2 today, so there’s that lmao. I haven’t updated, but it still isn’t working.

  18. i try to do the “easy way” , and it said “installation successful!!” . Thanks Team TweakBox, i’m on iphone 6 and on update 11.2.2 thanks for the help!!

  19. When I add the page to home screen, it just pulls up the website. Also, when I click the link to download the configuration, it shows one image with the words “install success” but does nothing. Please help!

  20. Everytime I try and download tweakbox the easy and hard way I have iOS 11.2.2 and when I click the link that takes me to my settings it just takes me to a screen that says it installed but nothing happens
    Plz help!!

  21. There are lots of apps on apple App Store, a few I want most, that I can’t find using Tweakbox. I’ve tried all categories, manually scrolled through and the search field, used upper case lower case etc and there aren’t as many apps as said. What gives? I like what I see am I doin something wrong is there other apps I need to install, not mentioned in the instructions, do I need register with the community? I’ve got the new iPad Pro


  22. Hi im a happy user nut you have to make Some apps like grand theft auto China town wars infinite coins for iOS 11 pls then ill be your very happy user🤩🤪😃

  23. Hi guys, couldn’t find a way of contact you except here. I deleted the app because of some glitch, now I am trying to install it (after removing from settings too). However, when I click for option to of installing the app rather than saving shortcut it says ‘installed’. Not sure what to do next. Will be very happy if you can help me out, Thank you!

  24. When I try to download a app from the hacked apps or the tweak app or the AppStore apps I dose not work when I click the install app and it been happening for a long time I need help plz team TweakBox help me

  25. When I click the link I told takes me to a page saying tweak box installing but it won’t install help with this in my iPad

  26. Snapchat ++ and Snapchat ++2 need update. Cannot run anymore with current software Snapchat kicks you out for being out of date

  27. When I follow the steps and click on the link to configuration profile, the red screen that says “downloading TweakBox” comes up and never goes away. What do I do?

    • You are stuck. quit safari and proceed with the steps one more time. Make sure you have proper internet, with no interruption to downloading the file.

  28. I have an iPad ME27LL/A that was updated today. The first method worked for me. I’ll also try out the second method. Cheers !!!

  29. Hi when I do to download tweakbox the page says installing but the verify developer page doesn’t come up ? Is there a setting I need to change in my phone ??

  30. Procedure steps will not work at iphone 11.4
    Can you help to give any link to add this program application to my phone

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