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iOS 11.1 has been released and is available for download right now. For more details on what’s in it and how to download iOS 11.1 [ext link], check out the linked post. For now, we want to talk about jailbreaks and the fact that they are conspicuous by their absence. Yalu jailbreak was all we got for iOS 10 and we are still waiting to see what’s going to be offered up for iOS 11. In the meantime, we have TweakBox to fall back on.

Image : TweakBox iOS 11.1 Download

Like vShare [ext link] and TutuApp, TweakBox is a Cydia alternative, offering us a small taste of what we used to get with Cydia including unlimited paid apps for free and modified apps like Snapchat++. It doesn’t need you to jailbreak, it has been updated with support for iOS 11.1 and you can download it right now.

How to Install TweakBox iOS 11.1 :

Pick one of the following :

Method 1: Safari Browser

  1. Open Safari browser and go to 
  2. Tap the UP arrow that is at the top or bottom of the loaded web page 
  3. Now tap on Add to Home Screen from the bottom of the new page 
  4. Type TweakBox into the box to give the icon a name , Click Add and close Safari .  
  5. Now you will see the new TweakBox icon on your home screen 

Video: See how to download TweakBox

Method 2: Configuration Profile 

  1. Launch Safari and open this [ link ]
  2. On the page that loads, tap on Install Directly to iOS Device 
  3. Now Settings opens so tap on Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in and Safari will open
  5. Tap on Install TweakBox > Install
  6. Settings will open again, tap on Install > Next>Install
  7. Lastly, tap Install > Done and wait for TweakBox to install to your iPhone or iPad 

Fixing TweakBox Errors :

There are two uncommon errors that you might come across and a third one that you definitely will. Here’s how to fix them:

  1. If an app doesn’t run, you need to open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Find the right certificate, tap it and then tap on Close Settings and try again, the app will now work
  2. Profile Installation Failed – the given link provides the solution to this error
  3. Your apps crash after 7 days, requiring reinstallation. They will continue to crash because Apple will continue to revoke the app certificates. To get around this, install Anti Revoke , check the post at the link for more information 

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  1. I have always loved tweakbox. Having troubles with the new IOS 11.1 version but hopefully I will get it fixed and have the luxury of not having to leave people on read in snapchat

  2. Spotify++ doesn’t work. I’ve tried downloading it like 5 times and each time it says “unable to download app” and says done or retry. So I need help fast

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