TweakBox iOS 11.1.1

The iOS 11.1.1 download [ext link] has recently been released and, like the previous updates to iOS 11, it is a bug fix release and brings a few enhancements to the overall iOS. With no iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak [ext link] available right now we have managed to find a way to get some of the Cydia [ext link] tweaks without needing a jailbreak. TweakBox is an app installer that is full of apps and tweaks, has been updated to support iOS 11.1.1 and can be downloaded right now without Cydia.

Image : TweakBox iOS 11.1.1 Download

Download TweakBox on iOS 11.1.1 :

Choose one of the following methods.

Method 1: Safari Browser

  1. Open Safari and go to 
  2. Tap the UP arrow on the loaded web page 
  3. Choose Add to Home Screen from the new options on screen 
  4. Type TweakBox into the box for naming the icon. Tap on Add and close Safari  
  5. Now the TweakBox icon will be on your home page 

Video: Shows you these steps

Method 2: Advanced Configuration Profile Installation

  1. Launch Safari and then open this [ link ] 
  2. On the page that loads up, tap the link to Install TweakBox on your iOS device
  3. Settings opens, tap on Install Profile
  4. Input your passcode and wait for Safari to open
  5. Now tap on Install TweakBox and then on Install
  6. Settings will open again, tap on Install > Next>Install
  7. Tap on Install > Done and wait while TweakBox installs to your device 

TweakBox Errors :

If you are unlucky enough to come across any errors, it will likely be one of the following, all easy to fix:

  1. Either TweakBox or an installed app won’t work. Open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management, find the relevant app certificate and then tap Try again, it should all work 
  2. Profile Installation Failed  , Click the linked article for details on how to fix
  3. Your apps keep crashing every 7 days. This is down to Apple revoking the certificates because they do not view them as being valid. The only way to stop this is to download Anti Revoke, a tool that installs a VPN on your device which subsequently blocks Apple from verifying and revoking the app certificates. 

TweakBox is one of the most comprehensive of all the app installers but it will not completely take the place of Cydia. It is a great alternative for the time being though so download it and tell us what you think of it. For more iOS 11 jailbreak news, you can follow us on Facebook.

26 thoughts on “TweakBox iOS 11.1.1”

  1. Can you help?

    I don’t get the Install App screen but automatically get “Install Success!!!” therefore I can’t go further?

    I also checked Settings and I don’t have Profiles & Device Management section!?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. When I click the link to do the advanced technique it automatically sends me to the install success screen. But it didn’t install, there is no profile in my profile management settings for TweakBox. Help please?

  3. Whenever I try to download the tweakbox and I have before but I deleted it for some reason.. every time I try to to the profile thing, it brings me to a page that says
    “Install complete,” and nothing happens
    What do I do?

  4. Trying to install Tweakbox via the link provided in Method #2 above. However, when I tap the link, up pops a pink screen saying “Install Success” but nothing was installed nor are there any prompts to do anything else but back out. I see several other people have experienced the same issue yet your failure to remedy the problem or simply provide acknowledgment to their queries of there even being this specific problem is blatantly obvious. What is the reason for that? Why isn’t Tweakbox addressing this problem of the “faulty pink screen link” that is clearly plaguing a large amount of people who are either new to Tweakbox or who are current users that enjoy the service and would like to continue using it? It is also extremely problematic that your program/certificates are never updated/valid to the current iOS platform thus rendering users unable to fully experience everything Tweakbox has to offer. Please address these issues immediately as they are severely hampering your progress as a company and discouraging the users of an excellent app from continuing usage.

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