TweakBox iOS 11.0.3

Hot on the heels on iOS 11.0.2, Apple has now released the iOS 11.0.3 download [ext link], another update to fix more bugs that are plaguing a handful of users. The quick succession of updates is hampering our chances of an iOS 11 jailbreak and it may well be that, like iOS 10, we are left a little wanting for usable utilities. With so many people unable to install Cydia [ext link], it is little wonder that alternatives are starting to appear and one of the best is called TweakBox. Packed with content, TweakBox requires no jailbreak and it fully supports iOS 11.0.3.

Image : TweakBox iOS 11.0.3 Download Tutorial

Download TweakBox iOS 11.0.3 :

Choose the method that suits you:

Method 1: Safari Browser

  1. Open Safari browser and go to 
  2. When the page loads, tap the UP arrow , bottom center or top right of the screen
  3. Now tap on Add to Home Screen from the options on your screen 
  4. The next screen will ask you to name the icon so call it TweakBox and then tap on Add  
  5. Close Safari and you will see the new TweakBox icon on your home screen 

Video: Watch to see these steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ Advanced Method ]

  1. Launch Safari and then go to this [ link ]
  2. On the TweakBox information page that loads up, tap on the link to Directly Install to iOS Device
  3. Settings opens automatically, tap on Install Profile 
  4. Input your passcode and then Safari will open
  5. Click on Install TweakBox
  6. Settings will open again so tap Install > Next 
  7. On the next page, tap on Install > Install and then on Done
  8. TweakBox will now be installed on your iPhone or iPad

Note :

Crashing apps is to be expected when you use TweakBox to download your apps and tweaks. Apple regularly revokes app certificates that they haven’t signed and this causes the apps to stop working. Using Anti Revoke [ext link] will protect your apps and keep them running smoothly so download it today.

Fixing TweakBox Errors :

While most of you will have no trouble using TweakBox, some users are reporting two common errors. Both are very easy to solve:

  1. Profile Installation Failed – Full instructions on fixing this error can be found in the linked post
  2. If TweakBox doesn’t run or an app that you install through it won’t run, you are facing a certificate error. To solve this, go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Find the TweakBox certificate and tap on it and then tap on Everything should now work just fine.

Are you going to use TweakBox or would you rather hang on for an iOS 11 jailbreak?  If you do try it, tell us what you think of it and stay up to date with the latest jailbreak news by following us on Facebook.

29 thoughts on “TweakBox iOS 11.0.3”

  1. I had downloaded it yesterday and installed quite a lot of apps [ Awesome 🙂 ]. But then today, just now I tried to open the app but the app doesn’t open instead. it shows a plain white screen and nothing else I thought it was loading but i waited very long. Could u fix this??

  2. Whenever i try to download something it will almost download and then say “(name of game) could not be downloaded at this time.” How to fix this?

  3. Would be great if i could actually install the games i want. Everything i try to install gets 3/4 of the way done and says [game name] could not be installed at this time

  4. I am having the same issue as some other people, I will try to launch TweakBox and it just pops up a a blank white screen and does nothing from that point on. Does anyone have a fix? I have the iPhone 6.

  5. I need to use WhatsApp ++ with Tweakbox, but when the iphone is lock the notification is not appear. I need help.


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