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TweakBox is the latest way to get Cydia apps and tweaks onto your iOS device without having to jailbreak first. It is an app installer that is packed full of features, including the ability to download third party apps, modified apps, paid games and modified versions of your favorite games. On top of that, it is compatible with iOS 10. With the lack of jailbreaks right now, this is the next best thing and we are going to show you two ways to get TweakBox app onto your iOS device. Emus4U is also a good TweakBox like app for free app download.

Image : TweakBox iOS 10 Download Tutorial

Download TweakBox iOS 10 :

There are two techniques to download TweakBox app installer on your Apple iPhone,  iPad and Android . Both these methods are explained here with images and video tutorial for your ease.

  1. Launch the Safari app on your iOS device 
  2. Go to or use this ( alternate link )
  1. tweakbox_store
  2. Our special mobile website will load up; tap on the UP arrow , top of bottom of your device screen   tweakbox_store
  3. Some new options will load at the bottom of the screen; select and tap on Add to Home Screen  
  4. Type TweakBox when you are asked to name the app icon and then tap on Add  
  5. When you come out of Safari, the TweakBox app icon will be on your home screen . Watch the video below to see how these steps are done. Then follow the next steps 


After you Have the TweakBox App

  1. Launch the TweakBox app. Find the Download page and select your iOS version. Click on the ( Link ) to get the configuration file
  2. You will see some information relating to TweakBox and a link that will let you Install directly from your iOS Device. Tap on this link as it is the only way to get the configuration profile onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  3. Your Settings app will open on the Install profile age; tap on Install 
  4. If requested to do so, input your passcode 
  5. On the Safari page that opens, tap on Install TweakBox
  6. Tap Install on the confirmation window
  7. Your Settings app will open again, tap on Install  
  8. Tap Next > Install  
  9. On the next screen, tap on Install > Done  

TweakBox will now be on your home screen and ready for use. Tap on the app icon to get started.

Method 2 : For Android Only

TweakBox isn’t just for iOS users, it has also been given support for Android devices too. You won’t get it from the Google Play store though; you will need to follow our step by step tutorial because it involves the download of the TweakBox APK file. An APK, or application package file is required for any piece of software to run on your Android device and you will need to follow the steps in the linked tutorial below very carefully.

Popular TweakBox Apps :

TweakBox is packed with apps and tweaks and two of the most popular downloads are detailed below :

  • Spotify++

Spotify may be one of the most popular of all the music sharing apps, but the premium features come at a price not everyone can afford. Spotify++ is a modified app that gives us all the premium features along with the standard features without that price tag , in other words, it’s all free. For more details on what you get and how to download Spotify++, click the given link.

  • AirShou :

air_shou icon small

AirShou has long been a popular download, right back to when it was the best screen recorder ever offered in Cydia. Now anyone can download AirShou [ ext link ] by downloading TweakBox first, and it works on iOS on any iOS device. It has been redeveloped and now contains more features than ever before so check out the link to find out how to download AirShou through TweakBox.

TweakBox Alternative Apps :

TweakBox is a very comprehensive app installer but it certainly won’t be for everyone. If it doesn’t offer what you want, or you don’t get on with it, have a look at these two alternatives:

  • AppValley :

AppValley is another comprehensive app installer, offering plenty of choice in terms of paid apps for free, some Cydia tweaks, and modified apps like Snapchat++ and Pokémon Go++. It too has support for all iOS devices on iOS 10 and does not require you to jailbreak first. For more details on how to download AppValley [ext link], click the given link.

  • Emus4U : 

emus4u app logo small

Emus4U is for you if you miss your games emulators from Cydia. Emulators have always been popular downloads, a way of being able to play all our favorite old console games on our iOS devices and now you can get them without a jailbreak. Emus4U offers a wide range of emulators along with other Cydia content and paid content for free. For more details on how to download Emus4U [ext link], check out the linked post.

TweakBox Error Fix :

Some of you may find that you get a couple of errors.

  1. If you find that an app won’t run after you install it, simply head to Settings > General > Profile, locate the app and tap on Trust.
  2. The second problem may be a Failed Profile Installation. Click the link for more information on how to solve this.
  3. The third coomon error is TweakBox Crashing issue. To fix this , you have to downlod Anti Revoke. Anti Revoke is an essential tool that you need to download with any of these app installers. One of the biggest problems you will face is that, because these apps are not from the app stores and because they are independent, Apple will not see them as valid and will revoke the certificates on a regular basis. This causes the app to crash requiring you to reinstall it again; given time, Apple will simply pull the certificate once more. Anti Revoke [ext link] is a VPN tool that protects your app certificates from being revoked, leaving you to enjoy them with no interruptions. Find out how to download Anti-Revoke at the given link.

Do let us know how you get on with TweakBox on iOS 10 and follow us on Facebook for more news and tutorials.

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