TweakBox iOS 10 – iOS 10.3.4

For iOS 10 users the world over, TweakBox is the best alternative to Cydia there is, offering a ton of apps and games for free. You can find out more information about it and what it offers by clicking the link and read on to find out how you can install it on iOS 10.

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Install TweakBox on iOS 10:

Installing the app on iOS 10 is as simple as installing the configuration profile using the steps below. We have also provided you with a video walkthrough to help you.

Download Here

  1. Using Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad, tap on the above download button
  2. On the info page, tap Install; this will allow the profile to be installed
  3. Now you will see the Profiles page in Settings open; tap Install Profile and, if needed, type in your passcode
  4. Safari opens again, tap the Install link and then on Install to confirm
  5. In Settings, tap Install>Next>Done and wait for the install process to finish
  6. Look on your home page and you will see the app icon. If it isn’t there, repeat these steps

Video: Watch to see these steps

Popular Apps :

TweakBox is packed with great apps, tweaks, and games, making it hard to know just where to start. Well, why not give Spotify++ a go. A modified app, Spotify++ offers all the premium Spotify features completely free, no monthly subscription needed. Get all the music you ever wanted, completely free; check out the link for more details.

Deleting TweakBox:

If you really can’t get on with the installer on iOS 10, all you need to do is delete it. This can be done in seconds and will not interfere with anything else on your iPhone or iPad. Check out the link below for all the details:

Installation Errors :

With millions of users the world over, very few issues are ever reported. There are, however, one or two very common problems that arise but they are very easy to fix, affecting nothing else on your device. The links below provide more details about common installation errors you may come against:

  • Fix Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error
  • Other Errors
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Alternative Apps:

emus4u app logo small

This may be one of the best Cydia alternatives that we have at our disposal right now but it certainly isn’t the only one. Another one that is well worth a look is called Emus4U and, while it offers much the same in terms of modified apps and games, it also offers a range of games emulators, now available for all to use without Cydia. See the link below for more details:


TweakBox is a completely free app installer to use and because it doesn’t require Cydia to work, anyone on iOS 10 can use it. Why not give it a try? It will take little time to install and if you really don’t like it, simply delete it. Follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news.

95 thoughts on “TweakBox iOS 10 – iOS 10.3.4”

  1. When I download clash of clans on tweakbox then I run it for about 2-3 mins then it’s says error about my connection and my connection is good can use help me

  2. My clash of clans will not load I already did the tutu thing it work once then stopped and when I ran it Worked for like 5min then said error and deleted all my progress

  3. When I try and download subway surfers on my iPhone it says unable to download. Also when I try and open clash of clans it says says loading and then closes it self. I was able to play it yesterday but as soon as I tried to join a clan this is what started happening and now I can’t play it anymore. Very disappointed. Can you help me please and if you fix my problem I will recommend and share to friends

  4. I Have ios 10.3.3. I have downloaded 8ball pool Long Lines From Tweakbox. But when i open the 8ball pool game it just crashed.
    Please fix it.

  5. I Have ios 10.3.3. I have downloaded 8ball pool Long Lines From Tweakbox. But when i open the 8ball pool game it just crashed.
    Please fix it.

  6. Lately after I update my phone to iOS 10.3.3 tweakbox has been acting weird, from apps not working to the tweakbox app itself not working, now when I launch the app it tells me that it can’t connect to so I’m wondering if this is just because of the latest iOS update and it will be fixed to work with it or if there’s something else

  7. Tweakbox installed fine but everytime I try to download an app it comes up with the message Unable to download app. Any ideas what the problem is.

  8. Hey. I have a problem with ur app guys ! I can’t download any of ur tweaked apps anymore! I dont know why? Can u guys tell me why i got this problem ?

  9. I’ve used tweakbox for about two months to use Spotify++ but now tweakbox downloads, and I click tweaked apps and it won’t open the tweaked apps section so I can get to spotify++. Like I’ve deleted and redownloaded it and it does the same thing could you help?

  10. is tweakbox not working? because when i open it and click on one of the groups the spinning loading wheel comes up then disappears and nothing happens

  11. Hi
    I am unable to download Movie Box or Playbox HD from TweakBox.There is a green tick next to the apps but just will not install.I downloaded the new Tweakbox app and since then has not worked properly.
    Please Advice.

    Kind Regards

  12. Hi,
    tweakBox working on Iphone 7+ with IOS 10.3.3 ?

    I have some problems when I open the App I get an error “unable conect to server”

    thank you.

  13. Hi. I was trying to install kodi from tweakbox, but always stop at half +/-. It doesn’t work.
    can you check it out, please?

  14. Hey, tweakbox isn’t working for me, im trying to install Snapchat ➕➕ and on my iphone 7 plus it’s doesn’t show the device management. Do you guys think you can help me?

  15. Can you update clash of clans for me please I’m trying to update clash of clans hacked and it telling me to get plenixclash for some reason can you just update it pleases thank you

  16. My Snapchat blue and purple isnt working at all it keeps telling me that it needs to be verified every time I try nothing happens please help!

  17. can you add a game called Extreme car driving simulator with unlimited money mod please? also how can i restart clash of clans cuz i messed up big time also i cant reload my x-bow or inferno towers or eagle artiliry and i cant edit my village or gear up buildings please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m on IOS 10.3.3 and when I open the tweakbox app and go to hacked games all I see is a spinning circle and it just stays there and never loads

  19. Why did this stop working? It was working fine a few days ago then all of the sudden said that it isn’t trusted on my phone ?

  20. Every time I try to down load it through a profile, it just brings me to another page that says “install complete”
    And this is on a phone that has never been used before with tweak box… please email me

  21. Cannot work in my iphone. Help me please. When i click [link] for instal tweakbox, the page is blank and say “Instal success”.. but in my iphone there is no

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