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iOS 10.3.2 download [ext link] has been released along with a jailbreak for it. However, that jailbreak can only be used by a limited group of users and that means many of you are going to be missing out on installing Cydia [ext link] and getting your tweaks and paid apps for free. To fill the gap, let us introduce you to TweakBox [ about ], an app installer that is packed with features but doesn’t go quite as deep as Cydia. However, it is a great alternative for those can’t or don’t want to jailbreak, is fully compatible with iOS 10.3.2 and we’re going to show you how to get it.

Image : TweakBox Download iOS 10.3.2

How to Download TweakBox on iOS 10.3.2 :

Choose from one of these two methods – one easy, one advanced

Method 1: Easy Method using Safari Browser

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device 
  2. Type into the address bar and tap Go 
  3. When the web page is loaded tap the UP arrow , top right or bottom center of the screen 
  4. You will see a few options across the bottom of your screen; select Add to Home Screen 
  5. Now type TweakBox into the box provided to name the app icon.  Tap on the Add button 
  6. When you close Safari, TweakBox will be on the home screen 

Video: This is demo of these steps

Method 2: Advanced Method using Configuration Profile Installation

  1. From your Safari browser, go to this [ link ] 
  2. On the TweakBox information page that loads, tap on the link to Install so that the configuration profile is installed to your iOS device
  3. This will open Settings to the Profile Installation page; tap on Install Profile 
  4. If needed, input your passcode 
  5. Now Safari will open, click Install TweakBox
  6. On the confirmation window, tap on Install
  7. Now your Settings app opens again, tap on Install
  8. Now tap Next > Install 
  9. Lastly, tap on Install > Done

Once the installation completes, TweakBox is ready to use.

Fixing TweakBox Errors :

While most people don’t experience any errors while using TweakBox, there are two that you may come across. These are easy errors to solve and you can find all the help you need right here:

  1. Profile Installation Failed – if you get this error, follow the instructions in the linked article
  2. If you install an app and it won’t open or run, open Settings and then go to General > Profile & Device Management and find the relevant certificate; tap Trust and the app will work

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