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Although there is a jailbreak available for iOS 10.2 in the form of Yalu, not everyone is able to download it and that means not being able to access Cydia. For those of you that cannot install Yalu or who don’t want to jailbreak, there is another option although it doesn’t offer quite the same level of functionality as Cydia. It is an app installer called TweakBox, fully compatible with iOS 10.2 and containing some great features. Check out the steps below to install TweakBox [ about ] onto your iOS 10.2 device.

Image : TweakBox Download iOS 10.2

Download TweakBox on iOS 10.2 :

Method 1: Safari Method

  1. Open Safari and navigate to 
  2. Wait for the website to load and then look for the UP arrow [ it will be in the top right corner or the bottom center of the screen ] . Tap on it and wait for a new set of options to load at the bottom of your screen 
  3. Choose Add to Home Screen 
  4. A new screen will appear asking you to name the app icon , type in TweakBox and tap on the Add button 
  5. Go to your home screen and you will see the app icon for TweakBox 

Video: This shows you the steps above

Method 2: Advanced Method

  1. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, open the Safari browser
  2. Tap on this [ link ] an information page will open
  3. Tap on the link that says Install directly to your iOS device 
  4. The Profile Installation page in your Settings app will open, tap on Install and type your passcode in if asked to 
  5. Safari will open automatically; on the loaded page, tap on Install TweakBox
  6. Tap Install and then your Settings app will reopen
  7. Tap on Install Profile > Next > Install
  8. On the loaded screen, tap on Install > Done

When you go back to your home screen, you will see the TweakBox icon; tap on it to start downloading your games, apps, and tweaks.

How to Fix TweakBox Errors :

Hopefully, you won’t come across any errors but, if you come up against one of the two most common ones, they are easy to fix:

  • Profile Installation Failed , click the link for instructions
  • Downloaded app not runninggo to Settings > General > Profile and find the app certificate. Tap on Trust and the app will work 

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