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Instagram is, right now, in 7th place in the Top Ten of all social media apps, boasting an impressive 700 million active monthly users. It is one of the most downloaded of all photo and video sharing apps, allowing users to upload photos and videos to share with the world, or just with their followers. Instagram++ is also available on Emus4U app . Popular though it may be, Instagram is missing some fundamental features that would make things a good deal easier for its users but, despite the regular updates, the developers don’t seem to want to include these features.

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Fear not though, because Instagram++ is here and it has got all those missing features plus a few more besides. Downloading it is easy but before we tell you how to do that, let’s take a look at those features:

Features of Instagram++ :

  • Choose between full feed and thumbnail
  • Customize the date/time formats on displayed time stamps
  • Stop your Bio from showing up on your profile 
  • Hide comments from the full feed
  • Image caption in view when you are in Zoom mode
  • HQ images can be shown in thumbnail view
  • Zoom an image with a long hold on it
  • An iOS share sheet built in makes it easy to share media 
  • Directly download to your iOS camera roll
  • Share or download images or videos easily with a double tap
  • No jailbreak required

How to Download Instagram++ :

Forget going to the iOS app store to get Instagram++ because you just won’t find it. Apple is very strict on the types of app they allow in and this one simply won’t pass muster. Don’t worry, it is a safe app to use but you will have to download TweakBox first:

  1. Download TweakBox app installer, use the linked guide to help you  
  2. Launch TweakBox on your device
  3. Using the search facility, find Instagram++ [ext link] and download it 
  4. Follow any instructions you see on the screen
  5. When the app has installed, open it and check out all the cool new additions 

While Instagram is a great app it is sadly lacking in some respects and that’s why we now have Instagram++ to play about with. The fact that you don’t need a jailbreak to use it is a huge bonus because it makes the app available to everyone.

You’ve nothing to lose by downloading and trying Instagram so give it a go and let us know what you think of it. For more updated and tips follow us on Facebook .

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  1. to download Instagram ++ , you have to first download Tweakbox app on Android or iPhone or iPad. follow linked tutorial. After that top serach box on mobile, tap there. Ipad users bottom of screen. type “instagram plus”. Then wait for results. tap Instagram++ from list, and install

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