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With TweakBox app you are getting the very best third-party installer that offers tons of free apps, modified games, and tweaks.

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There are two methods to download TweakBox, one for iOS and one for Android. 

Download Link

Method 1: iOS Only

  1. From your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch, open this page in your Safari browser and tap on the above download button.
  2. When the page loads, tap the button that says Configuration Profile and then Allow
  3. On the next page, tap on Install so that the profile can be downloaded to your device
  4. Wait until your Settings app opens in Profiles and tap on Install Profile
  5. You might be asked to type in your passcode – do so, and Safari browser will load
  6. Tap the Install link and then confirm by tapping Install again
  7. When Settings opens again, tap on Install
  8. Tap Next > Done and the install will complete.

If you do not see the app icon on your home page, you haven’t installed it and will need to repeat these steps.

Video: Watch for a visual walkthrough of these steps

Method 2: Android Only

The TweakBox download fully supports Android, is entirely secure and reliable. You will need to install the APK file onto your device so click the link below for all the details.

Android APK

How to Delete :

While the TweakBox download is simple to use, not everyone will be happy with it or trust it. It is a very secure app, but if you want to remove it from your device, you can delete it using the linked guide.  Rest assured it will not interfere with anything else on your device and is a safe process to follow.

Untrusted Developer Error Fix :

If this is your first time with a custom app, the Untrusted Developer error may catch you out. Don’t worry, it isn’t a problem, and you can fix it quickly:

  1. Go into your iOS Settings app and go to General
  2. Tap Profiles and find the TweakBox app in the list
  3. Trust the profile and then close Settings
  4. Go back to the app and the error will not appear.

Fix Crashing Issue :

TweakBox is an excellent alternative to Cydia, and it is packed with apps and games. However, it is unofficial, and Apple won’t allow it to run on your device. Within one week of installation, they will revoke the app certificate, and you will need to reinstall it, along with any apps or games you downloaded. There is a way to fix this – use a recommended VPN alongside the installer and your certificate will be protected.

Alternative Apps :

This isn’t the only unofficial app store in existence; several more have been released, and you can find out more details by clicking the link below:

AppValley App

So, it’s your turn now. Why not try it today and tell us what you think of it. It is entirely free, perfectly safe to use and takes very little time to download. Not to mention that it is versatile enough that it works on Android too, so you really don’t have a thing to lose.

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215 thoughts on “Download TweakBox”

  1. Thats awessome. I just downloaded TweakBox and now i can download free tweaks , without having to pay hefty sums. Thanks TweakBox Team

  2. I love TweakBox. Its is the best app i have ever seen. Just perfect alternative to Cydia. Profile installation was easy peasy

  3. I download tweakbox on my iPad Pro and it’s like everyone has all these games they can choose from and I only have a few

  4. i tried both download methods on my iphone neither are working.

    method 1 -- icon does add to home screen but only brings me to this page, doesn’t open app

    method 2 -- i get this error
    “profile installation failed couldn’t communicate w helper application”

    any suggestions?

  5. I was told that once I downloaded it the screen would be black and Spotify would pop up once I tapped on it, but it takes me directly to the site. How do I use it for my apps? Please help!

  6. I need help please. A friend installed in my Iphone and I watched something. When I tried next day wasn’t working. I delete everything and trying to reinstall again.
    I tried both download methods on my iphone neither are working.
    add to home screen but only brings me to this page again, doesn’t open app
    any suggestions? Pleeeeease

  7. Please help. I tried both methods for iOS 11 and they didn’t work. I tried installing the configuration profile but the link only took me to a page that says “Install Successful!” or something like that but it didn’t take me to settings to install the config profile. I also tried the first method but it only takes me to this exact page. I even tried doing both togeher but nothing works. Please give me a working way to install Tweakbox…

  8. I am trying to download it on my pc to email it to my phone so i can put it on my android phone. I can’t find it to download on my PC.
    Please help

  9. hi please i need help here.i did follow the steps but when i click the tweakbox on my home screen there is no install that come out..

  10. Buenas noches, me interesa ver tv desde mi Ipad, voy a utilizar en servicio en mi casa de modo personal.
    Espero poder utilizar en un tiempo muy corto, me interesa ver la formula uno, sería muy bueno si me pueden ayuda.

  11. I keep clicking the link and it says “Install Success”, but Tweakbox is nowhere to be found on my home screen. Is it an overload problem?

  12. Ive been trying to download tweakbox on my android,and my PC.And its not happening for about two weeks now.Rick Hastings

  13. Im on iOS [11.2.5] on an iPad and it doesn’t let me download. I clicked the link, it redirected me to a page saying “Success!” or something but NO way to download it.

  14. You can’t. Latest iOS that jailbreak is available for is 11.1.2. If you’re on 11.2.6, you can’t downgrade or install cydia. Stay in the loop, there were news about jailbreak about to come out for 11.1.2, and many people didn’t update waiting for it.

  15. I dont like it too much😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  16. Hello, I am having a problem with the WhatsApp ++. It crashes after a day or two after I downloaded it. I am using an iPhone 8+

    Kindly adivise me on what to do.

  17. I’ve been stuck on “installing TweakBox”. Is this normal? Or should I wait? Cuz in the tutorial you didn’t say about that.

  18. I can not find any links to the installation for iOS 11 and i can’t find the link for the profile i need help

  19. Hi I have an iPhone 6s with 11.3.1 iOS
    And when I click onto the download link using Safari I don’t get the install profile page, I just get installing tweakbox which just hangs and nothing happens. What can I do to rectify this.

    • I’m having the same problem, no links to install and nothing happens when I try the easy method either.

  20. Hi! Such problem. After installing the game via Tweakbox, the application is downloaded, writes the installation and after there is only a gray icon without labels and when you click on it, nothing happens. What can you do about it? Thank you!

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