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Right now, jailbreaks are somewhat lacking and with no hope of one for the foreseeable future, we have been hunting out alternatives. You might be wondering how there could possibly be an alternative to Cydia but we have found a good one. It’s called TweakBox and, although it isn’t quite as comprehensive as Cydia, it is one of the best alternatives to date.

Image : TweakBox Download Tutorial

TweakBox [ about ] gives you access to a good choice of tweaks, paid and modified games , and loads of modified apps and all without the need to jailbreak first. Don’t bother heading to the iOS app store to download TweakBox; Apple isn’t going to let this one in. However, we can tell you about two ways to get it on your iOS device, so keep reading.

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How to Download TweakBox :

There are two methods to download TweakBox app installer on your iOS device [ iPhone or iPad ]. Both these methods are explained below with images and video instructions for your ease.

Method 1 : Safari Browser

  1. Open Safari browser and go to 
  2. This will open a special mobile version of our web page; look for the UP arrow and tap on it 
  3. Some options will load at the bottom of your screen so tap Add to Home Screen 
  4. Type TweakBox when asked to provide a name for the app. Tap the Add button and come out of Safari 
  5. The TweakBox app icon will be there on your home page 

Video: This shows these steps

Method 2 : TweakBox Configuration Profile

  1. Open Safari and click on this [ link ]
  2. On the page that opens, tap on the link that says Install [ if you skip this step you can’t go any further ] 
  3. iOS will ask if you have any passcode setup. Enter passcode and proceed to next step 
  4. Tap Install in the confirmation message
  5. Settings will open again; tap on Install 
  6. On the next page, click on Install and then Next
  7. Click Install > Done on the next page to complete the process. TweakBox is now ready for use

Fix Errors in TweakBox :

Most people can use TweakBox without any trouble but two common errors have been reported:

  • If an app won’t run after installation, go to Settings > General > Profile. Find the app and tap on Trust
  • Profile Installation Failed error : Steps to fix can be found at the given link

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  1. Thats awessome. I just downloaded TweakBox and now i can download free tweaks , without having to pay hefty sums. Thanks TweakBox Team

    1. Glad it worked for your Anna. We work had day and night to bring you stable and working program so you can enjoy the very best. Cheers !!!

  2. I love TweakBox. Its is the best app i have ever seen. Just perfect alternative to Cydia. Profile installation was easy peasy

  3. After I used the method 1, I get tweakbox app on my screen for quickly accessing TWeakBox app. Its simply the best app.

  4. I download tweakbox on my iPad Pro and it’s like everyone has all these games they can choose from and I only have a few

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