If you want music in your ears all day long, look no further than Deezer. One of the fastest-growing music streaming apps in the world, Deezer offers tons of features and three streaming options – one free, two paid.deezer

Here’s what you get:

App Features:

The free version gives you all this:

  • Unlimited streaming on your tablet and PC
  • Shuffle mode on your phone
  • Preview mode – connected devices
  • Flow Radio
  • Standard 128 kbps audio quality
  • Ads
  • 6 track skips per hour
  • Streaming only – no offline mode


If you pay for a subscription, you get more:

Deezer Premium:

For $9.99 per month, you get

  • Unlimited streaming – all devices
  • No ads
  • Full access to Flow Radio
  • Higher 320 kbps quality audio
  • No limits on track skipping or queueing

It gets better

Deezer Elite:

For $14.99 per month, you get even more. As well as all the Deezer Premium features you also get the highest quality of audio streaming – 1411 kbps

Download Deezer:

Downloading Deezer is as simple as going to the app store or clicking the link below:

iPhone App Link

That’s it, all you need to do.

Download Deezer and try it – you might even get a free Premium trial. Follow us on Facebook for more like this.

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