Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a new mobile-exclusive version of the most popular game ever, and it’s yours to download today from the app of duty

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It’s free

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What is Call of Duty?

One of the best battle games ever, Call of Duty, is a fast, action-packed game designed for mobile where you play against millions of others in a bid to be the best. The game is challenging, addictive and provides a ton of features for players:

  • Free – in-app purchases
  • Multiplayer modes and maps
  • 10-player Battle Royale battleground
  • Sniper v sniper battles
  • 5v5 fast deathmatch
  • HD gaming with text and voice chat
  • Customizable game controls
  • 3D sound and graphics
  • Console gaming on your mobile
  • Earn and unlock new characters outfits, weapons, gear and score-streaks
  • Strategy and skill will take you to the top
  • Compete for clan prizes

Addictive, challenging, and fun!

Wait, there’s more

How to Download Call of Duty?

Go to the iOS app store and find the app or tap on the direct download link below. When the app opens, tap on the Download link:

Download Call of Duty

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