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We all 3rd party app installer are facing our app certificates being revoked on a regular basis. Some time back, we found a solution to that; it was a tool called AntiRevoke; a tool that protected those app certificates so Apple couldn’t revoke them. AntiRevoke has a new name; it’s now called LazarusJailed and, if you read on, you will find out why.

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Why Has AntiRevoke Changed ?

AntiRevoke worked by using a VPN built into the app that stopped Apple revoking the certificate. It did this by hiding the identity of the app certificate on your device, a certificate installed by way of the app configuration profile – remember, you need your Apple ID to install third-party apps. However, it didn’t take long for Apple to spot what was going on and, to get around it, they began to Ban the actual device ID from being able to use app certificates; this caused a lot of problems with certificates being revoked and apps crashing all over the place.

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Hide in Plain Sight :

To get around this ban, AntiRevoke came up with a Better idea; instead of providing a VPN that will eventually get the user banned, they now provide us with recommendations for Best VPN services that we can use legally, that Apple cannot stop us using, and that protect our devices and our data. The idea behind these VPN services is that users can “Hide in Plain Sight”, using services that are already in use by millions of users across the world, services that Apple cannot blacklist. That brought about the name change to VPN .

Check Out The List of Top Anti-Revoke VPN Services :

The world is full of VPN services, hundreds of them. To save you having to go through them all, we bring you our recommendations for the top services for using third-party apps:

Top Anti-Revoke VPN

There you have it, some of the best VPN services in the world that you can safely use with any third-party service and not be banned by Apple. If you are still using AntiRevoke on your device, be aware that, eventually, you won’t be able to use it; now is the time to start looking for an alternative VPN.

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  1. I cannot get anti revoke to install. I have shut down iPhone 7 which has latest iOS and restarted then tried to install again no success. Any help would be much appreciated

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