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TweakBox is the most popular unofficial third-party installer, offering the biggest choice of games, apps, and tweaks that work on iOS and on Android. And it’s all FREE

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Totally, 100% FREE. To install it directly to your iOS device, tap the Install button below.

Download TweakBox

Supported iOS Versions:

TweakBox works on all iOS devices up to and including iOS 12, with a special guide for the iPad:

How to Use:

After you download it, using the installer is very easy:

  1. Tap the app icon from your homepage
  2. Go to the Menu bar and tap on Apps
  3. Choose your favorite category
  4. Find the game or app you want and tap it; tap Install and then follow the in-app directions
  5. If an Untrusted Developer error appears, follow the guide at the link to fix it – it will take no more than a few seconds.

100% Safe:

TweakBox is the safest installer with full SSL encryption built-in, keeping you, your device and your data secure.

We’re not done yet

Top Features:

The installer offers several categories of games and apps, making your search easier:

  • App Store Apps –  a great choice of iOS app store apps and games
  • Exclusive Apps –top games emulators, screen recorders, movie apps, music apps and more
  • Tweaked Apps –popular apps tweaked with additional features
  • Modified Games –popular iOS and Android games, unlocked and with new features added, all free

Works on iOS 12:

Although iOS 12 is full of new features, it is also full of extra security, and that makes a new jailbreak even harder to produce. TweakBox is fully supported n iOS 12 and doesn’t need root access, nor does it need Cydia to work. It is safe to use, easy to install and simple to use. And you will need to provide your Apple ID when you download it; another layer of protection that ensures your warranty can’t be voided.

Can it get any better?

Yes it can

No Jailbreak:

Because you don’t need to jailbreak to use the installer, anyone can install it. Jailbreakers get back some of their favorite tweaks, and everyone else gets to experience what it’s like and enjoy an unlimited stream of free content. TweakBox is updated regularly to keep it safe and to add new apps and games, and it is always updated to support every iOS release.

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