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Jailbreaking is the way that many iOS users modify their devices to be as they want them to be, with features and functions that Apple won’t allow. Android owners don’t have access to Cydia and are not able to jailbreak their smartphones or tablets. That means, although they have quite a few features that iOS owners don’t get, they are missing out on a whole lot more. Or they were until today. A new app installer called TweakBox has been released for iOS users and it is possible for Android users to download it as well by downloading the TweakBox APK.

Image : TweakBox APK File Download

TweakBox APK Features :

  • While TweakBox is a little fiddly to install it is worth the effort; instructions are simple to follow
  • TweakBox is user-friendly
  • No technical or coding knowledge is needed
  • You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection for TweakBox to work
  • There is something for everyone in TweakBox no matter what your preferences are with 5 different download options to choose from
  • Deleting TweakBox is easy

Download TweakBox APK :

The TweakBox APK is the only way to get the app installer on your Android device but not everyone knows what an APK is. It is the TweakBox application package file that contains all you need for the installation. APK files are based on JAR and will initially be downloaded as zip files. The easiest way to get them on your device is to download the zipped file on your computer and then email the APK to yourself. Open it on your device, download the file and then you can install TweakBox onto your Android device using the steps below:

  1. Open Settings on your device 
  2. Tap on Security and then on the box beside Unknown Source Options , don’t skip this step or you won’t be able to download the APK on your Android device 
  3. Download the TweakBox APK [ file ]
  4. Locate it on your device and install it by double-clicking it
  5. Wait while the installation completes
  6. TweakBox is now installed on your Android device 

Are you likely to install TweakBox on your Android tablet or smartphone ? More and more, Cydia and iOS apps are being made available to Android users in this way, giving them all the options that iPhone and iPad users have by jailbreaking.

Do let us know how you get on with installing the TweakBox APK on your device and if you have any problems. For more tips like this one, follow us on Facebook.




  1. Hey people. I have downloaded tweakbox on my iPad and other apple devices, but can’t download it to my Oppo r9s. I have tried following your guide but it just download Vshare for android? And I can’t even get the NBA premium for free like I can on apple. Please help!

  2. When I try to download Tweakbox on my Samsung S6 running Android Nougat (7.0), it’s installing awesome. thanks team TWeakbox .

  3. I have a Stylo 2 V running android version VS83512A. When I install the apk it gives me tweakbox 2.0.1. Not TweakBox 2.2.0. Please Help.

  4. Wollt ihr mich verarschen?
    Ich lade mir die App runter und wenn ich etwas in der App runterladen möchte dann geht es nicht da steht irgendwas von Fehler

      1. i downloaded it, but i can’t download any apps from there. what do i do?? (my phone is an LG Stylo 2 plus)

  5. For the people who ask where to download: It shoud be under step 3. Problem is it makes you download Vshare. Teakbox team please reply to me and fix this problem

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